Action Alerts

October 31, 2014

Could everyone please write letters to the Israeli government or your local ambassador to protest Mohammad getting punished while his attacker goes free. Write your own letter or adapt the draft which follows. This one is to the Israeli ambassador to the UK. You could also write to Tzipi Livni, Minister of Justice :

H.E. Daniel Taub,
Israeli Ambassador to the UK
2 Palace Green
W8 4QB

Your Excellency,

I write to express my dismay at recent events in Hebron which call into question the support of the Israeli government for settlement expansion and the impartiality of Israeli police.

Specifically I would ask you to investigate the settler attack on Mohammad Abu Haikal while picking olives on his own land in Tel Rumeida, Hebron on 29th October 2014 accompanied by his nephew, David Havard, a British citizen. Mohammad was arrested and fined 300 NIS for defending himself while the settler who attacked him and is known to the police was not arrested or even questioned.

This comes in the context of a series of attempts by Jewish settlers from Ramat Yishai to expand their settlement by various means. The IDF seized a mosque and allowed it to be converted into a synagogue. The al Bakri house and land was stolen by settlers in 2005. Despite 2 orders from the Israeli High Court police have still not moved to evict the settlers and allow the al Bakri family back into their house. The Israeli government seized 2 plots of land on which Abu Haikals were protected tenants and gave permission for Israel Antiquities Authority to dig archaeology there with an intent to build settlement housing on part of the land. Settlers have also been planting trees and opening footpaths across privately owned Palestinian land.

All of this settlement expansion activity and ongoing harassment of the Palestinian residents makes any two-state solution impossible to imagine. The routine way in which settlers are not brought to justice while their Palestinian victims receive harsh punishments prompts many people to accuse Israel of practising apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. It seems Israeli police see their job in the West Bank as primarily protecting Jewish settlers no matter how badly they behave.

As someone who cares passionately for the peace of Israel I ask you to intervene to press Israel to act with justice towards all residents of Hebron and to oppose further settlement expansions there and throughout the West Bank. Please could you enquire of Kiryat Arba police as to why they have not punished the settler who carried out this attack ? The police reference number is 477194/29Oct14.

Many thanks for your time and attention.
Yours sincerely,




October 15th:

ACTION ALERT !! Anyone who is in or near Hebron is very welcome to help with the olive harvest in Tel Rumeida. Any day from 8am onwards.




Letter Writing Campaign to the Israel Antiquities Authority.
Please everyone write to the Israel Antiquities Authority and complain about all the criminal activity they have been engaged in here recently.  Write in your own words if you can or copy the draft letter which follows.  They have an online form for sending emails on their website :

Postal address is: P.O. Box 586, Jerusalem, 91004, Israel

Please share with your friends and tell them about the videos on YouTube:

Please join our Facebook group “Save Tel Rumeida” which has lots of info, photos and videos.

   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Mr. Shuka Dorfman, director
Israel Antiquities Authority,

Dear Mr Dorfman,

I was shocked to hear reports of officials and workers of the Israel Antiquities Authority being involved in criminal activities in Tel Rumeida, Hebron.  Apparently they have been involved in criminal damage to neighbouring properties, trespass, assault on international observers and damage to cultural heritage.

Emmanuel Eisenberg appears to believe that he is above the law.  He has been filmed making racist comments and issuing threats to the Palestinian residents of the area.  For the IAA to retain any credibility I would think you would need to discipline him and hold him to account.

Many people believe that IAA’s activities in Tel Rumeida are not guided by principles of scientific archaeology but are a political trick to enable extremist Jewish settlers to steal more land from Palestinians, which is contrary to international law.  This criminal activity and the damage to cultural remains supports such a viewpoint.

I trust you will act speedily in this matter before any more property is damaged, trees destroyed or people injured.

Yours sincerely


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