Building a Fence in Tel Rumeida

Mohammad Iqnibi has been building a fence to protect his olive trees from Jewish settlers. Every year for 5 years now, on the Jewish festival of Lag BaOmer, settlers have held a big bonfire on his family’s land in between their olive trees using wood stolen from Palestinian homes and gardens. Israeli police say they cannot stop them since the land is open and not fenced. Every year Mohammad asks for permission to build a fence from the Israeli DCO. Every year he has been refused. This year one of his trees was completely burnt and destroyed. Finally he has been granted permission to build a fence. Yesterday settler children pulled out some of the fence posts before the concrete had set. Soldiers refused to stop them. Today the soldiers did stop them and moved them away. 1 October 2014

Mohammad Iqnibi beside the burnt out olive tree:

Jewish tourists insist on pushing through the new fence:

Israeli officers from the DCO visit:

Israeli police visit:

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