Settlers Build a Garden to Block a Road

September 23rd:

Earth for the garden is stolen from Abu Haikal land:

Settlers began work today on a new garden on the Shuhade Street end of the blocked off street to the old Chicken market. Next to Zleikha M R Muhtaseb’s house and just over the wall from CPT. They were also finishing work on another new garden just up Shuhade St on stolen Palestinian land. Seems like this is all part of the project to connect all the settlements with paths and roads from Ramat Yishai settlement to Masjid Arbayeen (Mosque of 40) to Ain al Jadid (New Spring) to Shuhade St to Abraham Mosque to Kiryat Arba.

Settlers brought dirt in this trailer to block the street:

Soil covering the shop doors will bring water into the shop:

Another fairly recent garden on stolen Palestinian land on Shuhade St near the old bus station:

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