Israelis begin Demolition of Abu Haikal Wall in Palestine

Published on Jul 2, 2014

The demolition of Abu Haikal walls in Tel Rumeida, Hebron began on 14 May 2014. Emmanuel Eisenberg claims the wall collapsed “by accident” when they dug next to it but you can see from this film after the collapse that in fact the bulldozer was digging 2 metres over the wall. The wall demolition began only 2 days after Emmmanuel promised the Palestinian neighbours he would not touch their property or damage their trees. It continued for several days despite 3 police stop work orders and destroyed large sections of the Abu Haikal walls. This operation was supposed to uncover the ancient Canaanite walls underneath the retaining walls but you can see that many of the Canaanite stones were damaged and some were removed by the bulldozer. Serious archaeologists do not destroy many layers of history with a bulldozer. It is very clear that the real purpose here is an Israeli land grab of Palestinian property.

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