July 11th


Yesterday, following a soldier rotation, Abu Samir from the Abu Aisha family was prevented from accessing his home by new Israeli soldiers stationed at the top of Tel Rumeida hill. They also prevented other Palestinians from accessing their homes.
Abu Samir lives opposite an illegal israeli settlement and is therefore one of a limited number of Palestinians permitted to access the upper portion of the road leading to his home.
Numerous other Palestinians live on the bottom portion of the road, access to which is less restricted. The soldiers stated wrongly that the entire road was off limits and, moreover stated that Abu Samir’s name was not on the list of people permitted to access the street.
At the insistence of a group of Palestinian residents who had gathered, the soldiers contacted their commanders. Abu Samir and the other residents were then permitted to access their homes as the soldiers admitted there had been an error.
The Israeli military often changes the soldiers stationed in Tel Rumeida. The frequent arrival of new soldiers who have no experience of the area or residents, is a regular source of problems particularly those living close to the illegal settlements.Palestinians are often detained unnecessarily and prevented from accessing their homes due to confusion.
Also yesterday, a group of Israeli soldiers stood and watched while a group of settlers illegally built a path and wall on land belonging to Abu Hakel. The soldiers then proceeded to carry out a training exercise which involved armed soldiers running into Abu Hakel’s front yard while shouting and pointing guns at an imaginary target.

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