Settlers Open Path to Masjid Arbayeen Across Abu Haikal Land

5 June 2014.  Jewish settlers have opened up the old footpath leading from Ain al Jadid (New Spring) to Masjid Arbayeen (Mosque of the 40 Companions) across plot 54 of Abu Haikal land. The army confiscated another part of this land recently to extend their army barracks which is entirely built on Abu Haikal land. They have now opened a new footpath around the barracks so that tourists can visit masjid Arbayeen ( which they claim to be the tomb of Ruth and Jesse) without passing through the barracks. Hannah and Hani Abuhaikal now have large groups of Jewish tourists passing in front of their house from 2 directions, often accompanied by soldiers.

Jewish tourists pass in front of Hannah and Hani Abu Haikal’s house:

In 2011 Jewish settlers planted grape vines on Abu Haikal land next to the army observation post:

Chinese tour guide leads Christian group into Masjid Arbayeen, which has now been converted into a synagogue:


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