Stones and Threats from Emmanuel Eisenberg and Israeli Antiquities Authority Workers

15 May 2014

The day after Emmanuel Eisenberg and his team from Israeli Antiquities Authority destroyed retaining walls and damaged an olive tree on Abu Haikal land I filmed them digging under the same olive tree and threatening to bring it down altogether. After getting orders from Emmanuel Eisenberg two of his workers attacked me with stones and chased me off the land. Eisenberg then threatened me and threatened to smash more trees on the Abu Haikal land. In his last fit of childish pique he destroyed one third of the large tree shading their house. He seems to think he is above the law and that Palestinians have no rights whatsoever. The Israeli police were called but failed to turn up as is usual.
Tel Rumeida, Hebron, Palestine

This shows that they came to swallow more land .. and impose a new status quo … and under the guidance of extremist Jewish settlers …
All this under the pretext of archaeological excavations … that are not originally from the laws of international conventions

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