Israel Antiquities Authority Completely Destroy Wall and Take Stones Offsite To Be Sold

May 28, 2014

The bulldozer from the Israel Antiquities Authority returned to the Abu Haikal wall badly damaged on 26th May 2014 and completely destroyed and removed this section of the wall. The stolen stones from the wall were loaded into a large lorry to be taken off site and sold.

Emmanuel Eisenberg and David ben Schlomo inspect the Abu Haikal wall prior to destroying it:

David ben Schlomo trespasses on Abu Haikal wall to inspect damaged wall prior to destroying it:

Damaged Wall:

Further damage to wall:

Stolen stones removed off site:

Emmanuel Eisenberg trespasses on Abu Haikal land to survey the devastation he has caused:

Large section of the wall was completely missing by the end of the day:

Feryal and Arwa Abu Haikal protest the destruction of their wall:

Pile of stones from the wall before being stolen and carted away:

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