Canaanite Walls: 21 May 2014

Workers from Israel Antiquities Authority trespass on Abu Haikal land to tie their ropes to the Abu Haikal fence:



Bulldozer “archaeology” clearing out and going deeper into old excavation on Gubeh land without permission from owner. There was some damage to the ancient Canaanite stones:


The outside of the middle of these three walls is on the Abu Haikal property line. Everything behind that is trespass and criminal damage:


If this piece of dirt is removed the whole of the retaining wall above will come down:


Canaanite stones scraped by bulldozer “archaeology”:


Canaanite stone split in three by bulldozer “archaeology”:


Canaanite stones scraped by pickaxe “archaeology”:


Threatened retaining wall to left and destroyed wall to the right of the damaged and threatened olive tree above:


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