Abu Haikal Land Set on Fire By Israeli Settlers

May 31, 2014

There was an accidental fire yesterday on the Jewish Cemetery. A Palestinian fire engine attended and ensured no damage. We expected a revenge attack on Abu Haikal land and sure enough at 4pm today Jewish settlers set fire to the Abu Haikal olive grove. Soldiers adjacent to the land were alerted immediately but it took them a long time to respond. Similarly it took the Palestinian fire engine a long time to get permission to get through the checkpoint. Fortunately there seems to have been no major damage to the trees this time. If the army would allow the Abu Haikals to plough in the dry grass settlers would not be able to keep setting fires.

Jewish Cemetery 30 May 14:


Palestinian fire officer on Abu Haikal land:

fire_1 fire_2 fire_3fire_5fire_6

In the centre is the poor olive tree rescued from Israeli uprooting which has had its roots cut on the one side and now is attacked by fire on the other side:


Israeli soldiers arrive late but succeed in putting out most of the fires:

fire_7 fire_8

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