Despite the Israeli occupation the Al Bakri family managed to get their house back

Published January 12, 2014

(English translation of Maan News film)

Despite the Israeli occupation the Al Bakri family managed to get their house back with the help of lawyers from the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee. The house in Tel Rumeida, Hebron was occupied in 2005 by Jewish settlers who claimed to have bought it but with false papers. From the heart of their struggle Palestinians create amazing stories despite many difficulties. In this film from the centre of Hebron Na’el al Bakri is looking at his father and grandfather’s house. In the second intafada Na’els family tried to re-enter the house but were unable to because it had been declared a Closed Military Zone. Jewish settlers then occupied the house saying they had bought it. However the people they claimed to have bought it from had no relationship with the owner’s family. It was supposedly sold to an Israeli company Tel. It came out in the Israeli High Court that the settlers had prepared false papers and worked together with Palestinian collaborators to fabricate the story that they owned the house. For money the collaborators signed the papers for the Israeli settlers. Na’el’s father also faced a lot of gossip from neighbours and family saying that he had sold the house but thanks be to God everything is clear now. We are very happy for the decision of the Israeli High Court and thankful for the help of the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee and their lawyers.

Imad Hamdan, manager of Hebron Rehabilitation Committee(HRC) said, “It has been a long journey fighting for 7 years to get this decision from the courts. They made 6 applications to the court in respect to this case. Despite all the sadness and struggle in this story there are lots of lessons here for people who face the same situation. I would encourage all property owners who face problems with Israelis trying to grab their property to work together with HRC to solve their problems.”

Na’el al Bakri is still waiting to get back into his house but he is determined to evict the settlers from it and live there with his family despite all the problems with checkpoints, soldiers and settlers in Tel Rumeida.


Interview Aug 2010 with Hani Abu Haikal, From Hebron Voices on YouTube
Recent History of Al Bakri House:


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