Jewish Settlers Invade Palestinian Land of Sheffield resident’s family

For many years Jewish settlers from Ramat Yashai settlement have carried out an aggressive campaign of trespass, criminal damage, theft, intimidation and harassment in order to take this piece of land and drive the Abu Haikals from their home. They have cut down half the almond trees on this piece of land and damaged the rest by starting fires. Now they have uprooted all the trees and begun an archaeological dig prior to commencing building. Unlike Palestinians who can almost never get building permission, they will be fast tracked to get planning permission.

Arwa said: ”I was devastated when I heard what is happening to my family, our land and our trees. However, as my mother Feryal Abu Haikal said, “Our roots in the depths of the earth are strong enough to defy hurricanes.” My family are very grateful to members of Sheffield Green Party, Christ Church Pitsmoor and many other Sheffield people who are standing with us in these difficult times.”

Arwa Abu Haikal Havard is well known in Sheffield as a massage therapist and is a member of Sheffield Green Party

11 Apr 08 Arwa, Dawud 002

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